Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Night Out

Geplaatst op 28-03-2024

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Once you start dating you need to remember the do’s and don’ts of successful dating. We all forget the basics from time to time, so don’t beat yourself up for it. Now remember that dating is about two people coming together to enjoy each others company and probably eventually forming a strong bond between the two. And so during this you want to remember these guide lines, or try to, for a easy going date.


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  1. Make dating fun. It should always be fun, and that’s just as much your responsibility as it is your date’s to make sure it is in fact, fun. Always make sure that once you are dating, you do all you can to make it a worth while experience. Always fun and enjoyable.
  2. Always keep eye contact. It’s very important to keep eye contact because it makes the person feel like they are the only one with your attention. Which should be the case anyway. You need to keep your date feeling special and not feel like you only took him/her to a party or wherever just as an excuse to go. Keep the eye contact going.
  3. Always be nice, courteous and of course, complimentary. Your date, as well as yourself, have put a lot of effort into looking nice for each other, making time and of course accepting the date offer. So be a good date and compliment and be nice. Treat them like your date, being as that’s what they are. There is no room or want for negative comments or feed back.
  4. Unless your date is naturally self absorbed and you are for some reason the kind of person that enjoys those types of people, don’t go all google eyes and stare at your date while drooling. Sure, yeah, telling them they look nice is great, but to stare at their bod when they are sorta trying to talk to you is not only rude but will turn them off and you’ll probably end up ruining the date that way.
  5. Don’t, no matter what reason, stand your date up. It’s disgusting. Unless you let them know ahead of time, like before they get ready for the date, then that’s fine. Otherwise no one likes someone that stands others up like that. There’s no good excuse other then maybe a family member dying, but even then you’d call them.
  6. This one is a lesser version of #5. Always be on time. Don’t keep your date waiting. It’s rude and no one likes that either. If, let’s say, your ride isn’t the best, then leave early, use your head. To be late is disrespectful to your date. And who likes being disrespected? No one? Yeah I thought so.
  7. Don’t show off your wealth. Not only will that attract gold diggers, but your date isn’t going to be impressed, if they are, its at your money, not you. You want them to like you for who you are, so don’t try to reel them in with things that don’t make you who you are. Besides, it shows no taste. It’s pretty much just you showing off, and as you may recall from your younger years in school, no one liked the show off.
  8. Don’t chain smoke. Not only do most places not allow smoking, but you really think your date will enjoy someone with crap in their mouth most the time? Dating a chain smoker is pretty much dating a dead man/woman walking, so they may not be too thrilled about keeping a relationship going. Telling you this for your own good.
  9. When it comes to the early dates, keep talks simple. Don’t speak of politics, don’t speak of religion and don’t speak of your ex’s. You don’t want to start an argument and eventually get mad and not talk. That would be a bad date. It’s best to save that deep stuff for when you guys get closer and learn to not get mad at each other and instead understand one another. And we all know that when those are talked about, people will be arrogant and that tends to make people feel uncomfortable.
  10. This one is a branch off of #9. Don’t be rude or fight with your date. Not only is it just dumb but its unacceptable. Who cares if a car is red or brown? Who cares if that’s shrimp or crab? It’s not something to fight over. And especially NOT in a public place. If you need to fight, stay out of a public area. All fighting does is make you both look like a fool. And you never know for sure if you’re right in the first place.
  11. Everyone loves to be heard. This has been proven time and time again. When someone is talking they are left hurt if they see you not listening. They want to be heard, they want you to understand and reply to what they say. It shows interest and possibly the ability to compromise, being as you can listen incase of a heated argument.
  12. Dress so you don’t look like a hobo. Unless you are one, then I apologize. There is no reason to look not so ready for a date, when going on a date. Unless of course it’s a walk in the park or you plan on wrestling pigs, otherwise you need to sharpen up. Shower, do something with that hair and possibly put on a tie and get out there. But make sure when getting ready, it doesn’t make you late.
  13. I really don’t know why I should make this one, you’d think everyone would do this all the time. Well you’re WRONG! Make sure you smell good! A lot of people don’t because they don’t smell how they smell. The truth is, is that its hard (not impossible) for a person to smell how they smell, whether its bad or good. You need to freshen up and get smelling good before you head out. Don’t turn your date off with smelly pits!
  14. As cool as you may think it is, swearing is beyond overrated. It’s used so much that it’s lost its seriousness to it. We got kids swearing now at young ages, for goodness sake. It’s like blowing bubbles now, it gets old! And not to mention, doing so on a date is pretty rude, makes you look like an idiot and puts your date in an awkward position. They may laugh, but chances are its one of them nervous laughs. Cursing shows you got no class. Or much of a vocabulary.
  15. If you don’t like your date, don’t be an arse and give them a hard time. Just like you, your date happens to be a human too. Treat them with respect, its just a few hours together, no one says you need to date them again. So cool it and watch what you say. Who knows, they may end up becoming a great friend. But no matter what, rudeness is never allowed. So watch it.
    16. Don’t lie to your date. If its someone you want in your life, lying is the dumbest thing you can try to pull. They will find out eventually, and you will be in a world of hurting when they do.
  16. The male should always be the one to pay for a date. Don’t question it, just trust me. Do it and you’ll see.
    18. Do all you can to make sure your date feel comfortable always. She’s your lady/He’s your man, it’s the right thing to do. And the man should always offer to drive the date home, if that’s not possible, find any means to make sure they get home safely, and have them call you when they do.
  17. Never attempt to sleep with your date on the first, or even second date. Firstly, not only is it just stupid, but that is something that’s extremely special between the two. If you start it early, its like jumping to dessert before the main course, you’ll no longer want or appreciate the main course and be too full and sick of dessert to want it again. It will ruin the relationship, if it doesn’t, then you aren’t anything but their play thing, and that’s not relationship.
  18. Don’t get drunk, it brings the worse out of people.
  19. Be funny! But don’t be sick or never give it a rest. Everyone loves to laugh, no one likes sore sides though.
  20. If you say you’re going to call back, then make sure you DO IT!
  21. If for some stupid reason you are dating when you’re not single, make sure you let them know so they don’t randomly get beaten up at some point for being seen with you. Common sense there.